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  • Bleach also one of the skin care activity . we do bleach for face ,Neck, arms, legs and back also
  • Bleaching is a cosmetic treatment for lightening the skin face.Bleaching skin will help to make skin look more even and create a lighter shade. Using a skin bleaching treatment will also clear up skin and reduce skin pigmentation, and it will also reduce or remove scars.
  • Use of bleach cream makes the face white, clean and attractive. It has instant reaction and makes face white and clean that’s why most of the women used to occasionally on special events to look more attractive and beautiful. Bleach cream is not helpful in the face only but can also be applied to the other parts of the body as well like on hands and feet to vanish the black lines caused by the dryness.
  • Types Of Bleach

  • Fruit
  • Oxy
  • Gold
  • Herbal
  • Services

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Full Back
  • Full body bleach are available
  • Under Arm
  • Half Back